Our story begins in 1981 on a sunny Saturday in Moda in a tiny shop. In the morning of the opening, we had three staff and a carpenter. Our dishwasher escaped at noon and the carpenter helped us with washing the dishes.

We have always wanted a place that would be sympathetic, humble, simple and memorable. In the neighborhood our friend Puik Ali said “Let’s name it Kırıntı!” which means “crumb” in Turkish. We fell in love with the name and created the sign immediately. With the circle-shaped logo turning to ellipse, the logo was exactly what we wanted.

Turkey for the first time experienced “American Diner” concept with Kırıntı. Today, 38 years with constant dynamism, we bring food enthusiasts together in the most popular districts of Istanbul and Izmir.

Kırıntı continues to appeal to the customers' tastes and souls by preserving and developing the essence of Moda, Nişantaşı, Bebek and İzmir branches.

In 2019, Kırıntı joined the Allpoints Restaurant Group and with the vision and mission of the group it continues to grow. In October 2019, it was opened in Izmir Hilltown Shopping Mall, which hosts its guests in a friendly atmosphere with its different architecture. The branch of Bagdat Avenue will meet with its guests in a short time in its new place.